Dharma Cowgirl Jewelry is handmade in southern Indiana by Eliza Jane Piazza. Some of her inspirations are drawn from favorite books, stories, images and symbols, as well as a deep respect for life and a love of nature.

Each piece is different, though many of the same symbols pop up often. Birds, trees, moons, and houses.

The houses are special, because they honor EJ’s work with the homeless population in southern Indiana. A portion of the profits from each house piece sold is donated to shelters and programs to aid the homeless.

Please enjoy viewing the pieces on this site. If you see something you like, it is available for purchase. Occasionally, a piece will be sold before it is removed from the website. If that happens, your purchase will be immediately refunded and Tiffany will contact you about custom-making a similar piece for your consideration.

Please join our community on Facebook. There you will find the newest pieces displayed as they are made.